Events: Talks/panels

8 February, 2023
5:45 pm - 8:00 pm
Host/Venue: Allen & Overy

Guests joined the CLF on Wednesday 8th February at Allen & Overy as we renewed our focus on access to justice and the rule of law. As part of our programme for shedding light on “rule of law issues” we were delighted to hear from Lord Garnier KC (who was instructed on behalf of Sir […]

10 November, 2021
Host/Venue: Virtual, ON24

Group litigation and class actions provide individuals a unique opportunity to coalesce claimants in order to bring claims against multinational corporations or public authorities. Often associated with the USA, they are less established in this jurisdiction, and less explored. But that is changing, with a clear increase in the number of class actions and group litigation filed in the UK […]

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