Online debate: “Funding access to justice and class actions: does access to justice need more than just pro bono?”

10 November, 2021
Host/Venue: Virtual, ON24

Group litigation and class actions provide individuals a unique opportunity to coalesce claimants in order to bring claims against multinational corporations or public authorities. Often associated with the USA, they are less established in this jurisdiction, and less explored. But that is changing, with a clear increase in the number of class actions and group litigation filed in the UK across a variety of sectors. Group litigation asks important and interesting questions about access to justice and accountability, fees and funding, and rules and regulation. These questions include: is this form of justice appropriate for this jurisdiction; is it an effective way of holding authority to account; and, practically, is it here to stay (in which case, what should we do about it)?

On 9 September 2021 “US-style” Mastercard case looms (£) appeared in the Times, exploring the rise of opt-out consumer class actions in this jurisdiction and the wider context of American-style group claims being brought in the UK courts.  On 10 November, Paul Hodkinson, Editor-in-Chief, International, chairs a panel discussing that context in relation to access to justice, featuring:

  • Gus Sellitto, Managing Director, Byfield Consultancy
  • Scevole de Cazotte, Senior Vice President, International Initiatives, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform
  • William Marra, Investment Manager, Validity Finance
  • Kenny Henderson, Partner, Dispute Resolution, CMS
  • Ana Salomao, Legal Director, PGMBM

Available to watch on-demand.

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